The Tech opens in Second Life

The Tech in Second Life

On December 11, the Tech Museum of Innovation opened a replica of its San Jose, California, facility in the virtual world of Second Life and announced a design competition on the theme of “Art, Film, and Music.” Curators, artists, craftspeople, and exhibit builders worldwide are invited to participate. An online collaboration platform will enable participants to find and work with others, access tools, participate in forums, and view guidelines and tutorials. Some of the winning exhibits will be replicated in the real-world museum in San Jose.

Tours, general meetings, and “Learn to Build” and “Learn to Script” sessions are being offered on a regular basis. An event schedule can be found on The Tech Virtual. The Tech in Second Life can be found by searching for “The Tech” island from within Second Life.

The Tech’s virtual exhibition creation initiative in Second Life is funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.