The Rochester Museum & Science Center (RMSC) is really a lot more than just a fun place to take your kids on a rainy afternoon. We really view it as an extension of our kids’ education. Our daughter has been using an iPad since she was 2 years old and will grow up in a world filled with drones, robots, and wearable smart devices. Her understanding of science and technology will determine whether these advances sound scary or exciting. Our community is fortunate to have a world-class science center to help our kids better understand the world around them and get ready for, or even help build, our future.

We often take for granted that our five-year-old daughter can point out a Georgia O’Keefe painting, or build a catapult out of Popsicle sticks and bottle caps to mimic Leonardo da Vinci’s. She’s fascinated with insects and reptiles, builds spaceships out of cardboard boxes, and is excited to share why her blood is red. Obviously, in her three years at the RMSC Preschool, she’s cultivated a love for science that will stick with her as she travels through elementary school and beyond. We believe our daughter will be at an advantage with this academic foundation while being a well-rounded little girl who can dream of going to the moon on her unicorn in full princess regalia.

—Jeff Burkey, Rochester, New York

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