imageThe Fort Worth Museum of Science and History was actually a really big part of my growing up in Texas. My dad was one of those people who always loved science museums, so that’s where we went on the weekends. My family got a season pass for the IMAX, so any time there was a new movie about anything, we would go watch it. I remember I learned about everything from coral reefs and dolphins to outer space from watching these IMAX movies. And I think they’re put together and the exhibits are put together in a way that made me really excited. So going to those as a young kid, I fell in love with a lot of the concepts I learned there, and even if they’re not in depth there, the spark and the inspiration that they create—that’s a powerful thing that I think has played into a lot of my work, both in research and in wanting to create tools for kids.

—Shree Bose, Fort Worth Museum of Science and History’s Museum School alumna, 2011 Google Science Fair winner, and co-founder and COO of Pipe

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