Coming Up: Museum Week 2019

#MuseumWeek 2019, May 13–19 this year, will bring together cultural institutions from all over the world—with seven days, seven themes, and seven hashtags.

Whether online or on-site, your organization can participate in the global event by sharing your unique take on, or inviting the public to participate in, these topics on these days

  • #WomenInCulture (Monday, May 13)—celebrating women in STEM, history, art, and culture
  • #SecretsMW (Tuesday, May 14)—taking people behind the scenes, with the little-known places and people within your institution
  • #PlayMW (Wednesday, May 15)—sharing the joy of fun, self-directed investigation, expression, and more
  • #RainbowMW (Thursday, May 16)—showcasing a particular color, pursuing a pot of gold, or increasing LGBTQ awareness
  • #ExploreMW (Friday, May 17)—featuring new frontiers, innovation, exploration, and discovery
  • #PhotoMW (Saturday, May 18)—picture time, from selfies to iconic shots of buildings, to portraits of your people
  • #FriendsMW (Sunday, May 19)—honoring the universal value of friendship

Find out more at the MuseumWeek website for museum professionals, and register here for updates.