Webinar—Grand Challenges with 100Kin10: Addressing the Shortage of STEM Teachers

For today’s students to become tomorrow’s problem-solvers, they need to be equipped with the STEM skills and inspiration to solve the world’s most pressing problems. To make that possible, we need to tackle the underlying causes of America’s shortage of excellent teachers, especially in STEM.


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100Kin10 took a deep look into the Grand Challenges—the underlying reasons why it is so hard to get and keep great STEM teachers—and how ASTC members can contribute to solving these challenges and to their local STEM learning systems.

100Kin10 unites science centers and museums, academic institutions, nonprofits, foundations, companies, and government agencies in the United States to address the nation’s STEM teacher shortage. Together, we are tackling systemic challenges and getting 100,000 excellent STEM teachers into classrooms nationwide. By giving STEM teachers the support they need, we are helping to educate the next generation of innovators and problem solvers.

Webinar participants:

  • Learned how 100Kin10 mapped the Grand Challenges and how 100Kin10’s network of likely and unlikely allies are working to collaboratively address them.
  • Explored the challenges—with a particular focus on the highest-leverage catalysts—that ASTC members are well-positioned to take action against.
  • Found out how they can get involved with the 100Kin10 network and contribute to addressing these Grand Challenges.

The culmination of a two year, massively expert-sourced effort, 100Kin10 developed the Grand Challenges, an unprecedented roadmap of the underlying problems facing the STEM education landscape and the first-ever comprehensive ecosystem of a social-sector problem. The map identifies ~100 critical challenges and the “catalysts”, the issues that, if improved, would generate a positive domino-like effect and most improvement across the system.



This webinar is designed for science center, museum, and cultural institution professionals from all career levels.


There is no fee for this webinar; those who registered received a link to the recording after the event.


As 100Kin10’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, Grace Clawater Doramus leads the organization’s efforts to take a nimble approach in shaping how 100Kin10 catalyzes long-term, systemic change against the Grand Challenges facing STEM education. Previously, she served as the Chief of Staff for 100Kin10, and before that, as the Project Associate for the Opportunity Equation, a STEM education mobilization initiative that helped launch 100Kin10. Doramus, who holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Princeton University, taught math and science in a Special Day Class setting at the International Studies Academy in San Francisco as a Teach For America corps member.


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