Webinar—Age- and Community-Specific Adult Programming

When creating programming for kids, more often than not we tailor the program not for “all kids,” but for very specific age groups. But when we talk about programs for adults, we often still refer to our target group as simply “adults.”

But that can be problematic, as that is a really large target group, and one size certainly does not fit all. So, we think it’s time to hear from folks who have segmented their adult audiences into age and community categories to provide very specific programming.


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Participants joined the ASTC Adult Engagement Community to learn about new ways to look at the adult audience and what lessons both COSI and the Madison Children’s Museum have learned through their very targeted adult programs.

Webinar participants

  • Learned about the Madison Children’s Museum’s SPARK! program and Wisconsin’s statewide SPARK! Alliance, which includes 22 museums and cultural organizations. SPARK! provides cultural arts programming for adults with early to mid-stage memory loss, along with their family members and care partners.
  • Explored challenges COSI encountered with its “Synapse” event series for the older, active leaners and how COSI team members have turned lessons learned into new ideas for adult target groups and programming.



This webinar is designed for science center, museum, and cultural institution professionals from all career levels, who organize programs for an adult audience.


There is no fee for this webinar; those who registered received a link to the recording.


  • Joe Wood, Manager of Adult Engagement, COSI, Columbus, Ohio
  • Sandra Bonnici, Associate Director of Education, Madison Children’s Museum, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Kia Karlen, Director of Education, Madison Children’s Museum, Madison, Wisconsin