Webinar—Going Mobile? Bring a COMPASS

Discover the art and science of using “Indoor GPS” and mobile phones in museums for interpretation, visitor tracking, accessibility, personalization, and more.


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This webinar addressed some of the Why, How, What, and For Whom topics that arose from the presentations and discussion at COMPASS (Conference on Mobile Position Awareness Systems and Solutions), which was held at the Exploratorium in September 2018 and supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation (award ID #1712808). You can download the COMPASS Conference Proceedings here.

What are the range of potential uses of location aware mobile phones in museums? Find out more about how your museum might use open source apps, custom coded apps, or app-like web based mobile phone content to serve your visitors. Whether your objective is navigation, customized dynamic content, visitor research, or enhanced accessibility – there are many possible objectives for mobile phone based projects.


Audience: This webinar is designed for science center, museum, and cultural institution professionals interested in learning more about what mobile apps can contribute to the visitor experience and how they might be used for visitor research.


Fee: There is no fee for this webinar; those who registered received a link to the recording after the event.






Claire Pillsbury, Program Director and Principal Investigator, COMPASS project, Exploratorium, San Francisco, California


Leilah Lyons, Director of Digital Learning, New York Hall of Science, Queens, New York  

Matt Tarr, Director of Digital Architecture, American Museum of Natural History, New York, New York

Josh Gutwill, Exploratorium  
Desi Gonzalez, Desi Gonzalez Consulting, Austin, Texas  



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