Be Part of the 2018 China International Contest of Popular Science Works


Science, like a beacon, has illuminated the journey for the human kind to explore natural phenomena and laws!

Technology, like wings, has taken us to soar in the sky for the pursuit of a better life and dream!

There is no end in scientific exploration.

There is change each passing day in technology innovation.

If you are concerned about technological progress, and enthusiastic about science communication,

If you have any problem that you want to understand but which you have no comprehension of,

If you have any problem that you understand and also want others to understand,

Well, please share it with us,

Participate in our activities, and submit your selected topics,

The next work is created for you!

Once selected, multiple pleasant surprises are waiting for you!


Do you have popular science works?

A photograph? An article? A micro-video? An exhibit?

The China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) wants to know about it—your submission might be selected to be part of the 2018 China International Contest of Popular Science Works in September 2018.

CAST invites your participation now in building a platform for the exchange of popular science works; promoting the international exchanges and cooperation in the research, development, and creation of popular science works; and realizing the reciprocation and sharing of popular science resources within the international community of science centers and museums.

Click here for more information on submission requirements, how to participate, and additional details.

If your proposed topic is selected, you or your team will receive an honorary “Popular Science Envoy” certificate, and your topic will be included in CAST’s material library as one of the basic selected topics serving the needs of the public for popular science in the long term. Ten submissions will be randomly selected from among the 100 popular science selected topics, and they will be qualified for participation in 2018 World Conference on Public Science Literacy free of charge.

Brief submission ideas are due by January 31, 2018.

Any teams or individuals may apply to participate in the contest, regardless of nationalities or ages. There are no restrictions on the number of submissions.

Selected topics must center on basic scientific research, technological innovation, and hot issues in social lives.

  1. Basic Scientific Research: Revealing the laws of nature and acquiring new knowledge, principles, and methods based on humans’ understanding of natural phenomena, embodying the scientific concepts and scientific spirit formed and condensed by human beings in the process of exploring laws and pursuing the truth by focusing on mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, geosciences, biology, and other basic subjects. For example: the optical properties of conic section, force and reaction force, the radioactivity discovered by Becker Leer, the revelation of true features in thunder and lightning revealed by Franklin’s kite experiment, etc.
  2. Technological Innovation: Focusing on the key areas of economic and social developments, centering on agriculture, energy, resources, environment, oceans, transportation, biotechnology, information technology, laser technology, aerospace technology, new material technologies, and advanced manufacturing technology, aiming at those major scientific researches and achievements of technological inventions with forward-looking, pioneering and exploratory nature, and reflecting the transformations brought about by technological innovation to human kind and society. For example: the utilization of marine tidal energy, robot precision control, unmanned driving, and soft lunar landing, etc.
  3. Hot Issues in Social Lives: Sticking to long-term concern for healthy life, food safety, disaster prevention and mitigation, science fiction, and other topics closely associated with the lives of the public, reflecting the increasingly widespread and profound impact brought by technological developments on the production and lives of human society. For example, the prevention and control of major diseases, the role of food additives, scientific and technological interpretation in science fiction films, etc.

Click here for more information on submission requirements, how to participate, and additional details.


The 2018 China International Contest of Popular Science Works is sponsored by the China Association for Science and Technology and organized by the China Science and Technology Museum, Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology Museums in China, and Chinese Association of Natural Science Museums.