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Proposing a RAP

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  • ASTC RAPs are hosted by ASTC-member institutions, which are responsible for content and logistics.

  • A RAP should have a specific focus; one that aligns with the needs and challenges of a particular profession or a mix of professions (e.g., educators and marketing managers).

  • RAPs should be designed primarily as idea-sharing opportunities where participants can learn from and with each other. Past participants have said that both a tour and a social event attended by other staff from the host institution are welcome.

  • There is no set number of attendees that makes for a successful RAP. So far, RAPs have ranged from 5 to 23, not counting host staff. (Remember, the "R" in "RAPs" stands for "roundtable"!)

  • Partnering with colleagues from another ASTC institution is encouraged. They might present or host a field trip if their institution is located nearby.

  • Local speakers from outside the field may be tapped to stimulate and inform the discussion, and selected readings may be circulated.

  • RAP hosts are asked to take 15 minutes toward the end of their RAP to allow participants to complete an evaluation form developed by ASTC.

  • Participants are responsible for their own travel and lodging costs.

  • To minimize travel costs for participants, RAPs should be scheduled from late Friday afternoon or evening to Saturday evening or Sunday midday.

  • Registration fees should be modest, with suggested fees of $50 US for ASTC members and $100 US for nonmembers.

  • ASTC will actively market RAPs singly and as a whole through the conference program, ASTC web pages, ASTC Dimensions, INFORMS, and the ISEN Listserv. Announcements will be sent via e-mail to names in ASTC's database and to regional museum associations that have listservs and/or newsletters. Hosts will be sent labels for ASTC member-institutions in their region. Additionally, hosts will want to make phone calls and send out other mailings.

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