RAPs 2004

Participants from 15 countries attended a June 2004 RAP about mobile exhibits hosted by Technopolis, the Flemish Science Center, Belgium

Participants from 15 countries attended a June 2004 RAP about mobile exhibits hosted by Technopolis, the Flemish Science Center, Belgium

ASTC RAPs (Roundtables for Advancing the Professions) were held at five science centers in 2004.

February 27–28
IT, the next generation
Orlando Science Center, Orlando, Florida

Increasingly, science centers and museums count on information technology (IT) to do everything from back-office support to database mining. Discussion topics at this RAP included open-source software, e-commerce, ticketing, Linux operating systems, interactive kiosks, wireless networks, and other uses of IT on the exhibit floor.

Contact: Brian Tonner, CEO, 407/514-2012

March 12–13
Designing and sustaining a fee-based afterschool program
Exploris, Raleigh, North Carolina

RAP participants observed Exploris’s afterschool program for middle school students and discussed budgets, staffing, programming for different age groups, food, marketing, and community involvement.

Contact: Robin White, Afterschool Coordinator, 919/857-1044; and Jamilyn Cole, Camp Experiences Coordinator, 919/857-1062

June 1–2
Science on the move: mobile exhibit projects (MEPs)
Technopolis, the Flemish Science Center, Mechelen, Belgium

This first European RAP, co-sponsored by ECSITE, focused on outreach that uses easy-to-transport exhibits carried in science trucks, science vans, science buses, and even science boats. Participants shared experiences with launching an MEP, staffing and budgets, and marketing and target groups, and traded ideas about benefits of MEPs, evaluations, and what makes for a successful project.

Contact: Patricia Verheyden, Manager of Exhibits

June 10–11
Exhibits and expansion in the 21st century

Liberty Science Center, Jersey City, New Jersey

How do new philosophies of management, technology, and mission influence the way we think about exhibits and change our process for planning facility expansions? Participants discussed the new interplay of exhibit development, design, and implementation with other expansion efforts, such as architecture, construction, infrastructure, facility closures, education, marketing, and fund-raising. Session leaders from three institutions in the New Jersey/New York City area, each at a different phase in the expansion process, shared recent events and lessons.

Contact: Wayne LaBar, Vice President, Exhibitions and Theaters, 201/451-0006 x347

October 1–2
Successful summer camp experiences

Rochester Museum and Science Center, Rochester, New York

RMSC’s summer camp programs have not only served the community well, but been a reliable revenue source. Topics of this RAP included institutional buy-in, programming, staff recruitment, marketing, and assessment. Participants shared stories, photographs, marketing materials, and schedules.

Contact: Jennifer Cellura, Camp Director, (585)271-4552 x388