RAPs 2007

Participants from 15 countries attended a June 2004 RAP about mobile exhibits hosted by Technopolis, the Flemish Science Center, Belgium

Participants from 15 countries attended a June 2004 RAP about mobile exhibits hosted by Technopolis, the Flemish Science Center, Belgium

May 22–23, 2007
Creating Quality Connections between Museums and Schools
Creative Discovery Museum, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Field trips, teacher workshops, outreach programs—how does your museum connect with area schools? The Creative Discovery Museum received an IMLS grant to study our relationship with students, teachers, and schools and to find ways to strengthen and expand those connections. We are excited about sharing what we have learned from our experiences with other educators. We will address marketing educational opportunities, establishing a teacher liaison group, and developing innovative school programs, including in-house field trips and museum outreach lessons. Participants will also spend time in the Creative Discovery Museum’s recently renovated galleries including the Artist’s Alley, Rooftop Fun Factory, and Riverplay exhibits.

Contact: Lynne Mulligan, School Programs Manager, 423.648.6068, e-mail: lpm@cdmfun.org

March 9-11, 2007
The Ultimate Science Show Discussion
Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre, Vantaa, Finland

Science shows are products—they have often taken years to develop and cannot be re-created just by reading a recipe. The Ultimate Science Show Discussion addresses best practices in science shows and demonstrations and how to make them available to the field. Participants are encouraged to bring their own shows, which will be performed for a live audience. Topics to be discussed include science show safety, intellectual property, what makes a show successful, and show production costs. Science show performers, writers, and senior management are encouraged to attend.

Contact: Ms. Lea Tuuli, Director of Communication, 358 9 8579220, e-mail: lea.tuuli@heureka.fi; or Mr. Harri Montonen, Senior Explainer, 35898579267,
e-mail: heko@heureka.fi

January 12-13, 2007
Experimenting with Climate in
Science Centers

Miami Museum of Science & Planetarium, Miami, Florida

Climate change tops the current political agenda and is the core issue of the upcoming International Polar Year. As the media draws more attention to the topic and people begin to grasp the extent of the crisis, science centers can play a crucial role in explaining the science behind global warming. Our specific strengths—hands-on approaches, innovative exhibit design, and participative discussions—can change attitudes on a grand scale. Come share your best hands-on activities, exhibits, and programs with your colleagues, and contribute to the development of the “IGLO Toolkit,” the main instrument of ASTC’s participation in IPY. Registration $50.

Contact: Lúcia Enriconi, Exhibit Developer, 305/ 646-4210, e-mail: lenriconi@miamisci.org; or Annia Lara, 305/ 646-4238, e-mail: alara@miamisci.org 

November 7–9, 2007
Balancing the Equation = Mathematics throughout the Science Center
Museum of Life and Science, Durham, North Carolina

You’ve taken the first steps toward incorporating mathematics into your exhibits, but how do you integrate mathematics into the full visitor experience? What kind of programs do you design? How do you train volunteers and staff to bring out the math? How do you market and attract audiences to math programs and exhibits? From developing on-site programs for families, to incorporating math for school groups, to creating unique at-home activities, participants will share experiences, discuss questions, and gather new ideas and inspiration. Together, we’ll sum up solutions so you can bring home an equation for success. Registration closes October 31.

Contact: Shawntel Landavazo, Senior Director of Guest and School Experiences
Phone: 919/220-5429 x373; Fax 919/220-5575
E-mail: Shawntel.Landavazo@ncmls.org

November 14, 2007
Everyone Can Do It: Developing Accessible Exhibits
Museum of Life and Science, Durham, North Carolina

After hosting ASTC Accessibility Workshops in 2000 and 2002, the Museum of Life and Science (MLS) redoubled its commitment to create accessible exhibits. Two new outdoor exhibitions at MLS feature many of these efforts. In this RAP, participants will critique the accessibility features of those exhibitions and learn about the development process and findings. The day will end with a session of brainstorming on possible solutions for accessibility challenges posed by attendees. MLS’s accessibility advisors and an expert from Boston’s Museum of Science will be present to share their perspectives and join in the conversation.

Contact: Traci Connor, Exhibit Development Coordinator
Phone: 919/220-5429 x350; Fax 919/220-5575
E-mail: traci.connor@ncmls.org