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  Visitor Voices in Museum Exhibitions
Visitor Voices in Museum Exhibitions
Kathleen McLean and Wendy Pollock, editors
ASTC, 2007

This book is a timely survey of ways museums are incorporating user-contributed content in exhibitions and other media. Overview articles by the editors plus 29 other articles describe a variety of experiments dating from the 1970s to the present—from comment books to sticky notes, video kiosks to blogs. For professional and student alike, Visitor Voices offers inspiration, food for thought, and practical advice. 164 pp, illustrated.

#152 $20 for ASTC members; $23 for nonmembers. Shipping and handling extra.

TWO GREAT BOOKS, ONE GREAT PRICE! Package of The Convivial Museum and the companion volume, Visitor Voices in Museum Exhibitions, at a discounted price.
ASTC Members: $33
Nonmembers: $41

Table of Contents

Introduction: Beginning a Dialogue
Voice of the People
Surviving in Two-Way Traffic
Crafting the Call


Wendy Pollock
Kathleen McLean
Kathleen McLean and Wendy Pollock

Talking Back and Talking Together
     Talking Back
     The Power of the Pencil: Renegotiating the
        Museum-Visitor Relationship through Discussion
        Exhibits at the Science Museum, London

     From Comment to Commitment at the Monterey Bay
     Talking Together: Supporting Citizens’ Debates
     Asynchronous Conversation: Experiences with a
        Video-Response Kiosk
     Mapping Many Voices: A Platform for Dialogue

     Building Science Buzz
     Learning from the Visitors to Slavery in New York
     Talk-Back Culture
     A Question of Truth: Writing Experience into an
     Reflecting on A Question of Truth

Janet A. Kamien

Ben Gammon and Xerxes Mazda

Jenny Sayre Ramberg
Andrea Bandelli

Barbara Costa
Pasi Karhu, Mia Marttiini, and Mikko Myllykoski
Bryan Kennedy and Liza Pryor
Richard Rabinowitz
Chris Lawrence

Phaedra Livingstone
Erminia Pedretti and Barbara J. Soren

Contributing Personal Experience
     “They said that the glass is full of friendship”: Visitor
        Stories in a Memory Exhibition
     What’s Going On? Making Sense of the Vietnam Era
     Darkened Waters: Let the People Speak
     Hundreds of Greens
     Making the "Love Tapes"
     Inviting Visitor Voices into “SFMOMA Artcasts”
     Art on Call at the Walker Art Center

Michael Pearce
Barbara Henry
Mike O'Meara
Kitty Connolly
Wendy Clarke
Liz Keim
Peter Samis
Robin Dowden

Expressing and Co-Creating
     Tossing a Pebble into a Pond: Nurturing Public
     In Your Face: The People's Portrait Project
     Collaborative Storytelling: Expecting the
     Do Visitors Question?
     Agents of Change: Co-creating Exhibits
     RedShiftNow: An Online Agent of Change
     Exhibit Commons: Liberty Science Center’s Open
        Source Experiment
     Building Nanoscape

Douglas Worts
Gillian McIntyre

Jake Barton
Darcie Fohrman
Julie Bowen
Kevin von Appen

Wayne LaBar
Erin Wilson

Starting to Listen
     Visitors Can Be Trusted
     Writing to Learn in Museums
     Messages in Bottles
     What Visitors’ Voices Can Teach Us

Liza Pryor
Bill Watson
Richard Toon
Wendy Pollock

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