Dimensions, September/October 2005—Engaging Citizens: Science Centers and Social Responsibility

September/October 2005

At the 4th Science Centre World Congress, held April 11—15, in Rio de Janeiro, attendees considered how science centers might succeed in “breaking barriers [and] engaging citizens” by providing the public with interactive, informal, capacity-building access to science and technology education. In this issue, we have chosen to continue some of the conversations begun in Brazil. Articles here highlight the work that a number of science centers worldwide are doing to overcome the social inequities inherent in an era of rapid economic globalization—inequities that separate rich from poor, skilled from unskilled, educated from illiterate. Much has already been achieved, and much remains to be done.

• Science Centers and Social Transformation: The Challenge in South Africa, by Mike Bruton
• Going Glocal: UNAM’s Local Approach to Global Issues, by Elaine Reynoso Haynes
• Shared Resources: Building Capacity in Rural Mexico, by Lorena Baca
• Malaysians Can Do It: Supporting a National Vision, by Harison Yusoff
• Fostering Deliberative Democracy: Europe’s DeCiDe Project, by Andrea Bandelli
• Paying a Social Debt: Brazil’s Museu de Ciencias e Technologia, by Getulio P. Carvalho
The Abbott Partnership Program: Addressing Equity in New Jersey’s Schools, by Ellen Wahl

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