Preparing Your Strongest 2018 ASTC Diversity Fellows Application

2017 ASTC Diversity and Leadership Development Fellows and mentors; drawing by 2016 Fellow Cesar Cueva

It’s that time again: A chance for you to be part of the ASTC Diversity and Leadership Development Fellows! So dust off your resume, oil up your keyboard, and start talking to your advocates. Join applicants from across the United States and Canada over the next few weeks as you create the best application possible.

Below are a few tips for you during this application process. These tips come from members of the selection committee, advisors to the program, and ASTC staff members—and grow from years of program involvement as mentors, reviewers of applications, and Fellows ourselves.

2017 Fellows and ASTC Board Chair Guy Labine in an icebreaker exercise during the 2017 ASTC Annual Conference

Write vividly—Write thoughtfully, concisely, and with detail so that the selection committee gets a chance to know you. They want to clearly understand your passion around diversity and your desire for professional development. Use the essay questions and supplemental materials to explain the aspects of you that they may not see in basic demographic information.

Ask for letters of reference—Make use of the people who know you and your work well. Ask your colleagues to write you letters of reference and submit them as supplemental material. Make sure they talk about your potential as a leader, your dedication to the field, your initiatives relating to equity/diversity/inclusion, or your need for professional development in this area.

2017 Fellows and ASTC Board Immediate Past Chair Linda Conlon during the 2017 ASTC Annual Conference

Plan your answers before you write—Talk out loud with a colleague about your answers. Co-workers who work closely with you or your supervisor can also help you through your strengths, weaknesses, and/or things you need to work on. Also, download this scratch pad to preview the questions and outline your answers.

Have someone else review your application—Ask a colleague, an Alumni Fellow, or your mom to review the application before submitting your final documents. Do they feel like your essay questions tell the full story? Do they want to know more? That’s how the selection committee will feel, too!

Don’t wait until the very last minute—Technology issues can happen, and you don’t want to miss out due to a missed deadline. All applications are due online by 11:00 p.m ET on Monday, May 7.

When in doubt, just ask!—Are you unsure of how you fit into the criteria for the award? Do you have questions about the process? You can write to me, ask your question, and get any individual advice you may need.

Good luck with your application!

Hear from people who have gone through the experience:

“My favorite memory of the program still is those final moments before its end. We all realize we represent the future of the field and we welcome the shared responsibility to make of it a better one during our careers. Furthermore, we will all be there paying attention to each other to make sure it happens and to lend a hand when someone needs it.”
—Jorge Perez-Gallego, 2015 Fellow

Listen as 2017 Fellow Meghan Schiedel shares what she got out of the program:

“The manager that I was prior to participating in the fellows program is different than the manager I am now. The program and its leadership has challenged me to reach expectations well passed what I’ve set for myself. It has been a safe and welcoming network that allows me to grow and encourages me to work outside of my comfort zone. I have been supported and motivated in my journey because I am now surrounded by like-minded leaders from past, present, and no doubt in the future.”
—Joey Rodriguez, 2015 Fellow and 2016 Alumni Fellow

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