Upcoming Opportunities for STEM Programs in Smaller Communities

Sometimes it seems like the big cities get to have all the fun, but not anymore! There are two very exciting opportunities coming up to bring STEM programming to smaller communities:

Start a Science Festival in Your Town
From the Science Festival Alliance… “Humans know how to celebrate. For thousands of years and across cultures, festivals have brought people together to commemorate the things that matter most. So if science and technology are now integral to who we are, why doesn’t your community have a science festival? Now is a great time to get a new science festival started, because the Science Festival Alliance currently has funding to support initiatives in both large and small communities. New science festivals in smaller communities could receive mentoring and travel support as well as a $10,000 matching grant. But you’ll have to get your application in by the June 21 deadline. Find out more at

NASA’s Summer of Innovation Mini-Awards
NASA has opened the application process for their Summer of Innovation mini-awards program this week. This is a grant program awarding up to $2,500 “to allow smaller, non-traditional organizations to spur STEM interest in their communities.” (See the full press release here) Applications are due June 10! The application and more information are available at