Upcoming Webinar from Dr. Jeffrey Ford – "The Four Conversations: Daily Communications that Gets Results"

Dr. Jeffrey Ford

ASTC is pleased to announce a new professional development opportunity for the ASTC community. Please join us on June 25th at 3pm EDT for a FREE webinar with Dr. Jeffrey Ford, author of The Four Conversations: Daily Communications that Gets Results.

This webinar, building from a wildly popular pre-conference workshop at last year’s ASTC Annual Conference, will introduce participants to Dr. Ford’s online course, The Four Conversations Online Effectiveness Training, and how using the skills gained from the course can help you better communicate with colleagues, visitors, and community leaders. Register now for the online webinar here! Space is limited.

ASTC and Dr. Ford have partnered to offer this online training at a discounted rate of $99 US to ASTC members. Webinars with Dr. Ford are included in this course and exclusive for ASTC members. During these FREE exclusive webinars, Dr. Ford will be answering participants’ questions about successful communication and how you can use the training in your work.

About this professional development
Success in work and life requires the ability to get results through others. Whether it is your boss, a colleague, your spouse, your children, or a neighbor, your ability to produce results with others impacts the quality of your life. The primary tool you have for accomplishing these results is conversation. Yet, as you have no doubt noticed, our conversations don’t always get us the results we want, expect, or hope for. This online course can change that.

In this course, you will learn such things as:

  • Your personal communication practices and how to improve the ones you want to improve
  • Which types of conversations actually slow things down and undermine effective working relations
  • How the four productive conversations work and when to use them to get the results you want and need from others
  • How to overcome barriers to your personal success and accomplishment such as others submitting things late, giving you poor quality work, or being uncooperative
  • That how you talk matters and that you can be more successful and effective by making a few changes in your current pattern of communication

ASTC is pleased to offer the online course at discounted rate to ASTC members. The June 25th webinar is free for all ASTC members.

About Dr. Ford
Dr. Jeffrey Ford is a professor of management in the Max M. Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. He holds a B.S. in marketing from the University of Maryland, and an MBA, and a Ph.D. in organizational behavior from The Ohio State University. Prior to joining Fisher, Dr. Ford served on the faculties of the Institute of Management and Labor Research at Rutgers—The State University of New Jersey, and the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University.

Order the Four Conversations online from the ASTC Bookstore

The Four Conversations: Daily Communication that Gets Results
Jeffrey Ford and Laurie Ford
Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2009
This book is an important tool for employees and managers who want to communicate more effectively. The Four Conversations: Daily Communication that Gets Results shows some of the mistakes that are made in everyday conversation and provides the reader with the tools how to minimize those mistakes and to communicate in a way that is productive both for themselves and their colleagues. 240 pp.

The next webinar with Dr. Ford will take place on Monday, August 19 and will be exclusively for those registered for the Four Conversations Online Effectiveness Training course. Sign up for the course at the discounted rate for ASTC members here!

Watch the July 25th introductory webinar below: