PreK–5th grade science center educators are taking their hands-on programs to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, video and more! Learn about fun (and tasty) activities using items you can find in your kitchen during this discussion with members of the Leadership Team of GrowingGreat Veggies & Fruits: A National STEM Education Program.Presenters from the Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, Discovery Museum of Acton, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, and GrowingGreat shared online teaching techniques and programs along with hands-on STEM, garden, and nutrition activities for grades PreK-5 that can be adapted to your own program needs.

Watch the recorded webinar:

Thank you to Del Monte Foods, Inc. for their generous support of this program.All webinar participants will receive 12 nutrition, garden, and STEM hands-on activities.Six activities for grades PreK–2:

  • Beans in a Bag (with videos in Spanish & English)
  • See, Hear, Smell, Touch and Taste (with videos in Spanish & English)
  • Seed Sleuths (with videos in Spanish & English)
  • Exploring Pumpkins
  • Help a Plant Grow Tall
  • Pick Your Pears

Six activities for grades 3–5:

  • Dissecting a Seed
  • From Seed to Can
  • Fruit or Vegetable?
  • Graph Your Groceries
  • Thirsty?!
  • Three Sisters Garden

Presenters:Jill Coons, GrowingGreat (Los Angeles, California)Brindha Muniappan, Discovery Museum (Acton, Massachusetts)Madden Purcell, Discovery Center at Murfree Spring (Murfreesboro, Tennessee)Rebecca Reilly, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (Portland)

May 27, 2020
2:00 pm — 3:00 pm ET

Price: Free

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