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Joint New Frontiers Keynote session

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This multi-part session includes several speakers and discussions on the way that science, communities, and policymakers work in partnership to address humanity’s most pressing challenges, while ensuring that public engagement in science is an integral and essential part of this conversation.

This New Frontiers Keynote session is held jointly between the ASTC Virtual 2020 Annual Conference and the New Frontiers Virtual Summit, which is generously supported by the Richard King Mellon FoundationThe Grable Foundation, and the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation.

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“A Fireside Chat on Solving Our Big Challenges”

This fireside chat will focus on how solutions-focused research and development might drive breakthroughs for a wider range of societal challenges, including public health, climate, education, and social policy.

Chat participants include:

  • Dr. Arati Prabhakar, founder and CEO of Actuate and former director, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
  • Sonal Shah, founding executive director, Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation and professor, Georgetown University; founding director, White House Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation

“Health Innovation and Security Toward a More Equitable Tomorrow”

While acknowledging our current public health crisis, this panel will discuss how equity can be centered in the healthcare delivery, biomedical research, and the pipeline of future innovators, clinicians, and leaders in this field.

  • Ryan Panchadsaram, Advisor to the Chairman, Kleiner Perkins; Co-Founder, United States Digital Response and COVID Exit Strategy; and former Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer (Lead Panelist and Discussion Catalyst)
  • Dr. Dara Kass, MD, FACEP, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center; Founder and CEO, FemInEM; Medical Contributor, Yahoo! News (Panelist)
  • Wendy Taylor, Vice President for Technical Leadership and Innovation, Jhpiego (Panelist) 

“The Intersection of Race and Technology”

Dr. Ruha Benjamin will deliver remarks on the urgency of addressing the intersection of race and technology to ensure we create a more equitable tomorrow. 

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