ASTC 2023 Annual Conference - Charlotte, North Carolina

ASTC 2023 Annual Conference

October 7–10, 2023
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

All are Welcome

ASTC has a long-standing commitment to diversity, accessibility, inclusion, and equity (DAIE). We believe that advancing equity and social justice are foundational and essential values in all of our work.

According to our policy statement on DAIE:

These values are essential to the practice of science, technology, and innovation which require seeking out and engaging a diversity of peoples, ideas, perspectives, life experiences, disciplines, knowledge systems, and approaches. ASTC values, and celebrates contributions, discoveries, and novel solutions, regardless of their source. When all people are welcomed, respected, and included in our human pursuits, and when everyone has access and opportunity to pursue their aspirations, and when all people can participate fully and actively in creating and building the future, our association, members, and global society will be more equitable, prosperous, just, and resilient.

So what does that mean in practice?



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