ASTC welcomes 15 new and returning members

The ASTC Board of Directors has approved a whopping 15 new and returning organizations for membership.

Consistent with ASTC’s Bylaws, all members must be approved for membership by a majority vote of the ASTC Board of Directors. Organizations wishing to apply for membership should consult the Membership section of the ASTC website. Applications may be completed electronically by following instructions on the ASTC website.

Welcome to our new and returning members

A.J. Read Science Discovery Center

A.J. Read Science Discovery Center
State University of New York at Oneonta
Oneonta, New York, USA
The A.J. Read Science Discovery Center serves as a beacon of science to the SUNY Oneonta campus and the surrounding community. Our mission is: to engage, inspire, and challenge all people to explore the world through science. We have a variety of exhibits available on physics, biology, astronomy, and more. We coordinate with the planetarium on campus to offer programming and field trips to our community.

Arizona Museum of Natural History

Arizona Museum of Natural History
Mesa, Arizona, USA
The mission of the Arizona Museum of Natural History is to interpret and preserve the record of the natural world and our place in it, and to promote understanding and respect of the Southwest in a global context. We are engaging in a strategic plan with a goal to become a world class research institution conducting cutting edge science and collaborating with scientists around the world. We create inclusive and interactive learning environments in exhibits and programming, we encourage inquiry as a mode of thinking by building knowledge of science and its methods, we create knowledge through research, we act as a bridge between the scientific community and the diverse public, we promote scientific literacy to empower people to make informed decisions about the future, and much more.

Digital Promise

Digital Promise
Washington, D.C., USA
Digital Promise is a global nonprofit working to expand opportunities for each learner. We work with educators, researchers, technology leaders, and communities to design, investigate, and scale up innovations that empower learners, especially those who’ve been historically and systematically excluded.

Eriksen Translations

Eriksen Translations Inc.
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Eriksen Translations provides a full range of language services to ASTC members, from the American Museum of Natural History to the Field to the Natural History Museum of LA County, in more than 100 languages. Eriksen brings subject-matter expertise to translation, audio recording, captioning, live Zoom interpreting, terminology development, transcreation, typesetting, and web localization. Eriksen is a certified diverse supplier.

Eureka Exhibits

Eureka Exhibits, LLC
Greer, South Carolina, USA
We are a small exhibit design and fabrication company in operation since 2007. We have designed, fabricated, and toured two major traveling exhibitions—”Be the Dinosaur” and “Be the Astronaut”—and have developed custom permanent installations at several museums. We can provide a wide variety of services from exhibit design to fabrication and have a specific focus on interactive technology and simulation development.

Exhibition Hub

Exhibition Hub
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Exhibition Hub creates, tours, and operates immersive experiences and exhibitions. Comprised of industry veterans, the Company offers both educational traveling exhibitions for museums as well as host venues in certain cities to present museum experiences.

Kansas Children's Discovery Center

Kansas Children’s Discovery Center
Topeka, Kansas, USA
The Kansas Children’s Discovery Center is a hands-on children’s museum with a mission to enhance the lives of children and enrich the communities it serves. Since opening in 2011 in Topeka, Kansas, the Discovery Center has become a special place where children can explore, create, discover, and learn through play. The Discovery Center features 15,000 square feet of indoor exhibits exploring science, careers, art, building and more, special space for babies and toddlers, and a 4.5-acre certified Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom.

Learn Space

Learn Space
Lagos, Nigeria
Learn Space (Science and Technology Center) provides interactive exhibitions and space for creative experimentation dedicated to delivering innovative, dynamic learning experiences that open minds to the wonders of science and technology. We set out to foster the love and interest in science and technology while offering a gateway to explore the digitally transformed world.

Little Ray's Exhibitions

Little Ray’s Exhibitions
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Little Ray’s mission is to bring the extraordinary natural world into a personalized experience for each of your guests. Staffed by trained and dynamic educators and zookeepers, guests enjoy an immersive world class adventure through scheduled educational presentations, impromptu animal interactions, and tailored one-on-one conversations. Our exhibits are built on the foundations of our guiding values: animal welfare, education, and excellence. Each exhibit supports museums, science centers, and natural history institutions in building lasting unique encounters that appeal to existing visitors and draw new visitors to their venues.​

Mad Systems

Mad Systems Inc.
Orange, California, USA
Mad Systems is an award-winning technology company that specializes in audiovisual system design and integration for interactive exhibits. We are a woman-owned company that is renowned for its creativity, taking the ordinary to extraordinary through interactive technology and immersive experiences.

R&L Consulting

R&L Consulting, LLC
Arden, North Carolina, USA
A woman-owned business, R&L Consulting brings more than 20 years of experience to serving non-profit cultural organizations. We believe collaboration fosters positive change.

Shumla Archaeological Research & Education Center

Shumla Archaeological Research & Education Center
Dallas, Texas, USA
Shumla is a global leader in rock art research and education. We use advanced science and technology in our fight to preserve the information held in the oldest “books” in North America — the endangered murals of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands of Texas. Our research is adding chapters to the history of our state, our continent, and the world. Our work is preserving an untapped ancient library for future generations.

Sullenberger Aviation Museum

Sullenberger Aviation Museum
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
After 31 years of making history and making imaginations soar, Sullenberger Aviation Museum, formerly known as Carolinas Aviation Museum, is proud to be partnering with the City of Charlotte, Charlotte Douglas International Airport, the national architectural and engineering firm Progressive AE, and internationally recognized design firm Freeman Ryan Design to develop plans for a state-of-the-art new location in Charlotte with a planned re-opening in summer 2024. Read more about our plans for a new facility here.


Dallas, Texas, USA
The talkSTEM nonprofit organization’s mission is to develop future generation of female and underrepresented STEM leaders by inspiring today’s youth to adopt a STEM mindset. We partner with all informal and formal learning spaces to create and share innovative, place-based learning resources that are digital.


Vecna Technologies, Inc.
Burlington, Massachusetts, USA
Vecna Technologies, the developers of the VGo Telepresence Robot, have created the b-there Network to connect people to places through offering virtual tours across the country at recreational facilities including museums, science centers, zoos, aquariums, etc. Vecna provides our VGo Telepresence Robot on site at facilities where patrons can easily connect to the device with just an Internet connection and enjoy a self-guided virtual tour from wherever they are.

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