In response to recent uprisings for racial justice, many museums across the country have been writing diversity and equity statements. For some, this may have meant revisiting or updating a statement that has long been in place; for others, staff members and the Board may have come together to write a diversity statement for the first time.While equity statements may be written in response to a specific moment or crisis, having a robust and thoughtful equity statement in hand can help guide museums in the long run and demonstrate commitment across the breadth of a museum’s work. In both cases, writing a statement is just the beginning of the journey: What comes next? How can our statements be living documents? How do we move from statement to action?At CCLI (Cultural Competence Learning Institute), we believe that statements articulate an organization’s intentions, and the work doesn’t stop once they are written. Indeed, meaningful statements are guiding principles for action. CCLI convened a discussion about how museums have created equity statements that advanced their journeys in institutional equity work. This webinar is the first in a series of four presented by CCLI.The webinar featured:

  • museum leaders from CCLI alumni organizations sharing how they developed diversity statements and put them into action;
  • field-wide statistics on organization-wide equity practices from the soon-to-be launched National Landscape Study; and
  • a Q&A on how museums can use this moment to elevate diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility practices organization-wide.

Watch the recorded webinar:


Price: Free

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