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As science and technology centers and museums re-open and plan for re-opening, they are confronted with a number of challenges that require thoughtful consideration and planning. ASTC is hosting a series of discussions to support peer-to-peer sharing around timely topics.

The School Programs discussion focused on different ways science centers and museums are serving students, teachers, and parents.

Watch video of school-program case studies that were shared at the beginning of this event.

ASTC Re-think, Re-frame, Re-open – School Programs from ASTC Programs and Events on Vimeo.

“Design thinking” provides structure to our peer discussions, and can help us better understand these challenges, explore them in creative ways, and create solutions that we can test in real time. While these are uncharted waters, we can welcome these challenges, remain flexible with our ideas and solutions, and open to embracing failures, which can ultimately lead us to new possibilities to better support the safety of our communities, internally and externally.

See other recordings from prior events in ASTC’s “Re-think, Re-frame, Re-open” peer-to-peer discussion series.

September 10, 2020
3:00 pm — 4:30 pm ET

Price: Free

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