ASTC calls for including museums in infrastructure investments

Photo of construction site
Photo courtesy Adam Fagen (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

ASTC joined with our fellow museums associations to call for including museums in infrastructure legislation. In a letter sent to the bipartisan House and Senate leadership earlier this month, the associations argued that our members’ institutions have infrastructure needs that align with the goals of the emerging Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework while our museums are key economic drivers for our communities.

Our museums are key partners with cities, states, and the federal government as we all work together to build a more sustainable and equitable future. Transforming our existing and often historic buildings into leading-edge, energy and water efficient structures that are prepared for climate impacts in the coming decades is a common priority for many of our institutions. We ask you today to help us rise to this challenge by ensuring museums are eligible for funding in upcoming infrastructure legislation.

Several areas for infrastructure investment are highlighted in the museum community letter, including the following:

  • New construction and upgrades to our buildings, including for energy efficiency, retrofitting, research and demonstration projects and facility improvements
  • Increased resilience including preparation for increasingly frequent extreme weather, coastal erosion, sea level rise, flooding, and fires
  • Universal access to safe and clean water and a modernized electric grid
  • Designation of museums as hubs for high-speed internet, especially in low-income and rural areas
  • Conversion to electric vehicle fleets, installation of charging stations, and integration with municipal planners for transit access
  • Repair of roads and bridges that link to our institutions

Joining ASTC on this letter are the American Alliance of Museums, American Association for State and Local History, American Public Gardens Association, Association of African American Museums, Association of Art Museum Directors, Association of Children’s Museums, Association of Science Museum Directors, and Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

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