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With support from Lyda Hill Philanthropies and the IF/THEN® Initiative, ASTC is awarding mini grants to ASTC-member museums in the United States to support projects that address gender equity in museum content, including efforts to increase visual representation through the use of photos and videos featuring women and gender minorities. Grantees will select a project from the IF/THEN® Project Library to replicate at their own museum. ASTC expects to award up to 35 mini grants of $3,000 each.

The first two rounds of IF/THEN® grant funding focused on supporting projects that could be included in the project library and replicated in this third, mini grant round. Visit the ASTC blog to read about Round One and Round Two projects.

Round Three: Mini Grants

ASTC will award approximately 35 grants of up to $3,000 each. Applications will be accepted and approved on a rolling basis. All ASTC-member museums in the United States are eligible to apply, including museums that have previously received an IF/THEN® Gender Equity Grant.

The application period has closed.
  • The application period is open September 10–November 12, 2021, or until all funds have been awarded.
  • Awardees will be notified within 3 weeks of submitting an application.
  • All projects must be completed by January 14, 2022.
  • Final reports are due January 28, 2022.
IF/THEN® Project Library

The IF/THEN® Project Library includes projects developed by previous recipients of IF/THEN® Gender Equity Grants. In their proposals, applicants for mini grants are required to choose a project from this library that they wish to replicate. Mini grant awardees may customize the projects in the library to fit their spaces provided all guidelines on a particular project are followed. An instructional PDF accompanies each project and provides guidelines for modifications, suggestions for implementation, and other additional information about each project. If you have questions about customizing a project, please email ifthen@astc.org.

Project Requirements

To receive funding, proposed projects must meet the following requirements:

  • Primary project deliverables must be chosen from the IF/THEN® Project Library.
    • Multiple projects from the project library may be combined.
    • Projects in the “Supplemental Materials” category must be combined with at least one project from a different category.
  • Primary project deliverables must be viewable in person (not only web-based).
  • Projects must highlight at least one IF/THEN® Ambassador.
  • All projects must include a plan for continued display or engagement beyond the end date of the grant period.
    • Projects that indicate banners, signs, or exhibit content as the primary deliverable must be on display for at least six months.
    • Projects that indicate programming as the primary deliverable must include a plan for delivering the program a minimum of ten times before the end of 2022.
Proposal Requirements

Proposals must include:

  • A narrative detailing how your proposed project will address gender equity in the content at your science center or museum. (800-word maximum)
  • A description of the project(s) from the IF/THEN® Project Library that you plan to replicate, including any modifications you will make to the project deliverables.
  • A detailed project budget with funding requests reasonable for the scope of work. (Indirect costs are not allowable, see the Budget section for more details.)
  • A project timeline indicating significant milestones. (Projects must be complete by January 14, 2022.)
Grantee Requirements

All grantees will be required to:

  • Plan media engagement (blog posts, news articles, social media posts, etc.) to tell the public about your project.
  • Track and document grant expenditures and submit a final report on grant activities by January 28, 2022. The final report must include:
    • A short description (500-word maximum) of the project activities.
    • High-resolution photos of the completed project deliverables.
    • An estimate of the number of people who will view your project over the next 12 months.
Review Process

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis by ASTC and IF/THEN® Initiative staff. All projects meeting the minimum scoring requirements will be awarded grants on a first-come first-serve basis. If an application does not meet minimum scoring requirements, ASTC will provide recommended changes and proposal may be modified and resubmitted.


Applicants will be required to upload a project budget in Word, Excel, or PDF format. Project budgets must be reasonable for the scope of work, and must include:

  • Name for each expense category (e.g., supplies, staff time, printing)
  • Total amount of each category
  • Short explanation of expenses included in each category

Allowable expenses include—but are not limited to—materials, production costs, and staff time. Grant funds may not be used for:

  • Indirect charges/administrative overhead
  • Capital expenditures
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Computer hardware that is not for public use (e.g., servers, computers for staff)
  • Admission fees
  • Purchase of stock photos

If programmatic components are included in your project plan, they should be provided at no cost to participants. Programs that are free with paid admission are acceptable.

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