ASTC On Air withDale Dougherty

ASTC On Air-July 23, 2015Another edition of ASTC On Air was streamed live on July 23. This time, we spoke with Dale Dougherty, founder and executive chairman of Maker Media, Inc. (Watch the recording below.)

ASTC On Air is a new series in which we interview fascinating individuals outside the museum field who are doing work that is relevant and interesting to informal science and museum professionals.

Maker Media is “a global platform for connecting Makers with each other,” and is also the organization behind Make: magazine and the producer of Maker Faire. As founder and executive chairman, Dale Dougherty is an integral part of Maker Media‚Äôs content and strategy. In this edition of ASTC On Air, we discussed various aspects of the maker movement, such as making in science centers and communities, what participants learn in maker spaces, and the future of the movement.

Watch the recording here:

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