Below are downloadable materials that organizers submitted by the deadline—from events, the Live Demonstration Hour, poster presentations, and sessions.

On ASTC’s YouTube channel, you can see the ASTC 2018 Keynote Presentations by Ed Yong and Kumar Garg, the Alan J. Friedman Dialogue, pieces on the poster sessions and pop-up #MakerSpaceASTC, interviews with conference participants, and much more.

Additional conference information is available on the ASTC Conference Blog; photos of various events and activities are available on ASTC’s Flickr page; and you can see what people were saying and feeling in real time by browsing #ASTC2018 on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


CEO Forum
Development Breakfast: Aligning Your Partnerships with Corporate Citizenship
Workshop—Up the Learning Curve: Tips and Networking for New CEOs and Senior Leaders


Live Demonstration Hour

The Bernoulli Effect (Death Star Edition)
Plasma Spheres and Suface Tension
Soap Bubble Science
Some Sound Experiments from the World Science Festival
Under Pressure


Poster Presentations

Building Partnerships While Breaking Silos:
Reinventing Place-based Outreach in Rural and Remote Communities
Introducing the Earthwalk Traveler—A National Scenic Visitors Center Exhibit  12
Learning through Teaching in a STEM-Focused Youth Development Program
Museums as Models of Environmental Innovation
NASA Resources for You!
New Tech for User Interface—Touch Sensors, Tap Sensors, Solid State Sensors
One Size Fits All? Mapping Out STEM Learner Empowerment across Educational Contexts
Peer-led Professional Development and Mentorship:
Reinventing Youth Workforce Development
Reaching into the Community: Immigrant Latino Adults from Mexico and Central America
Recognizing Youth Identities around Computational Thinking
Rethinking Resources:
Shifting Museums from Industry to Community with Museum-University Partnerships
STEM Prep Summer Institute—Increasing Access and Diversity in STEM Fields
Teacher Professional Development: A Partnership for Innovation and Creativity
The Connectory:
Connecting Youth to STEM Learning Opportunities to Explore, Discover, and Create  12
WISE Guys and Gals—An Informal STEM Project Focusing on Engineering Design



All on Their Own—Unfacilitated Making Experiences in Exhibits  12
Breaking News! Communicating Science Headlines while They’re Hot
Building Science Capital and Engaging New Audiences in STEM Experiences
Coming Together to Prototype Innovation:
Science Centers Educating Afterschool Providers in STEM and Making
Create Organizational Change by Focusing on Diversity in Volunteer Programs
Creating a Culture of Gender Equity
Discover! Play! Share! Using Play to Build Early Literacy and STEM Skills with Families
From Thin Mints to Thin Films:
Museum Partnerships Engaging the Girl Scouts in STEM Education  12
Get Out: Reinventing Our Relationships with Natural Spaces
How Reflective Practice Can Change Institutional Culture, Inside-Out
IMLS Support for Museum Professional Development  12
Leading Change and Learning to Love It
Leveraging Statewide Partnerships for Scalable Outreach
Maximizing Girls’ Engagement in Informal Science Learning   12
Professional Development Intensive:
Dive Deep into the World of Early Childhood Science PD  12
Professional Development through Regeneration:
Diversity Fellows Program Is the Doctor Who for Science Museums  12
Prototyping to Build Capacity:
Using Iteration Processes to Facilitate Cross-departmental Collaborations and Change
Red Rover, Red Rover: Advocating for Play in Adult Programming  12
Science Center Superheroes—Part Deux: Life at the Intersection of Passion and Practice
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