ASTC on Air with Justin Dillon


“ASTC on Air” spoke with Justin Dillon, professor of science and environmental education at the University of Exeter in Devon, England, United Kingdom.

Dillon taught in London high schools for 10 years before joining King’s College London in 1989, where he was involved in training teachers and researching learning in classrooms and museums for almost three decades. He recently became the editor-in-chief of Studies in Science Education and is president of the (U.K.) National Association for Environmental Education.

Click through below and listen in on this discussion exploring questions around the future of the informal science field. Find out what his observations lead him to think about whether it will keep growing, what the potential strengths and weaknesses are that he has discovered, the main topics of research that have been explored in recent years, future trends—and whether all this shows us a bright future for non-formal science education.

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ASTC on Air is an online series featuring interviews with people—from both outside and inside the science center and museum field—who are doing work that is relevant and interesting to informal science and museum professionals.



Walter Staveloz is ASTC’s director of international relations.