Members of science center community elected as AAAS Fellows

AAASSeveral members of the science center community have been elected by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) as AAAS Fellows. Beginning in 1874, AAAS has been electing Fellows in recognition of diverse accomplishments, including research, leadership, teaching, mentoring, fostering collaborations, and advancing public understanding of science.

While some of the new Fellows are primarily recognized for their commitment to public engagement in science, others are being honored for their research contributions but are also involved in outreach.

Luis Chiappe

Luis M. Chiappe (Section on Biological Sciences)
Senior Vice President, Research & Collections
Gretchen Augustyn Director, Dinosaur Institute
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Adjunct Professor of Earth Sciences and Biological Sciences, University of Southern California Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Eileen Hebets

Eileen Hebets (Section on Biological Sciences)
Professor of Biological Sciences
University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Principal Investigator, Eight-Legged Encounters, which was hosted at the University of Nebraska State Museum and Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Eric Klopfer

Eric Klopfer (Section on Education)
Professor and Head, Comparative Media Studies/Writing program
Director, Scheller Teacher Education Program and The Education Arcade
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Collaborator, Museum of Science, MIT Museum, Smithsonian Institution, Harvard Museum of Natural History

Michael Mayhew

Michael A. Mayhew (Section on Education)
Senior Research Scientist, Science Education Solutions, Inc.
Director, Institute of STEM Education

Larry M. Page

Lawrence M. Page (Section on Biological Sciences)
Curator of Fishes
Florida Museum of Natural History

Affiliate Professor, University of Florida

Douglas Soltis

Douglas Soltis (Section on Biological Sciences)
Distinguished Professor of Biology
Florida Museum of Natural History
University of Florida

We also acknowledge two researchers associated with ASTC member institutions elected as AAAS Fellows: Lee-Lueng Fu, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Joan Kleypas, National Center for Atmospheric Research.

The class of 2019 includes a total of 443 new Fellows, representing each of AAAS’s 24 sections. Fellows—who must be nominated by three previous Fellows, the section steering group, or the AAAS CEO—are reviewed first within the relevant section and then by the AAAS Council.

The Fellows will receive an official certificate and rosette pins in gold and blue—symbolizing science and engineering—in a ceremony during the 2020 AAAS Annual Meeting in Seattle.


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Image credits: Courtesy of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Craig Chandler / University of Nebraska Communications, Eric Klopfer, Michael Mayhew, Larry Page, Douglas Soltis

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