ASTC 2022 Annual Conference

Session Listing

ASTC 2022 Annual Conference
September 12–15, 2022
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Partial list of confirmed sessions at ASTC 2022
(as of June 3)


Preconference Intensives

Pre-registration and additional fee required.

  • Biotinkering Bootcamp: Systems and strategies for creating experiences that support creativity and making with biology
  • Building Bridges to the Future Leadership Challenges 2022
  • Community Science Dialogue & Deliberation Pre-Conference Intensive
  • Day at MuseumLab: A Creative Track of Interactive Sessions Outside the Conference Center
  • Designing for Empathy Lab
  • From accommodations to inclusion: co-creating maker programs with and for neurodiverse youth
  • Meaningful Makerspaces: Using Human-Centered Design to Create Mission-Driven Makerspaces from the Ground Up
  • Science Communication and Engagement with Faith Communities
  • Storytelling Through Audio: Elevating Science and Community Voices
  • Sustainability: Transforming buildings in the steel city to provide high quality educational experiences
  • The Landscape of Education for Climate Action

Concurrent and Lightning Presentations

  • Being Okay with Not Being Okay: Thinking About Mental Health
  • Beyond STEM: Making and tinkering experiences that center social emotional learning, literacy, and identity
  • Bridging the Gap: Fortifying DEI educational theories by engaging science museum professionals
  • Build (Your Community) Back Better: Discovering your museum superpowers to enhance community and urban planning
  • Building Collaborations Having Statewide Impact: Exploring Asset-based Approaches to Partnering, Implementing and Funding Rural Communities
  • Building Lasting Community Partnerships
  • Centering Participant Voice: Research Approaches that Emphasize Co-creation, Agency, and Belonging
  • Co-Creating Exciting Educational Content with Research Scientists and Experts
  • Connecting Museums and Libraries to Promote Community Engagement in Citizen Science
  • Connecting on Climate: Tools for Action, Engagement and Connection Across Cultural Institutions
  • Creating Volunteer Programs of Tomorrow – how museums are improving volunteer support, training, and professional development
  • Cultivating Youth Voice: Storytelling for a Purpose
  • Dancing the Milkyway and Drawing Dinosaurs: Interactive programming for youth that unites scientists and artists
  • Demystifying Engineering for Teachers, Parents and Preschoolers
  • Designing Augmented Reality that Supports Family Conversation
  • Developing Whole Institution Sustainability Projects for Science Centers and Museums
  • Does the real thing matter? Making sense of authenticity in informal science learning
  • Dream It, Plan It, Evaluate it: Inspiring Equity in STEM Environments  
  • Empowering STEM-based Inventive Identity among Young Women, Black Youth, and People with Disabilities at Museums
  • Equity in the UK: Science centres’ efforts towards greater diversity, inclusion, and access
  • Evaluating digital engagement – what should transformative museums expect from digitization and online approaches?
  • Expanding Diversity in Science Communication: Queer and Transgender Representation in Science Programming and Communication
  • Exploring U.S. Federal Funding Opportunities
  • Feeling “art-sci”: An Upside-Down Look at Collaborations Between Performing Arts and Exhibiting Science
  • Full Bellies and Brains:  STEM Programs and Food-insecure Audiences
  • Getting Started and Keeping Going: DEAAIJ Working Groups within Museums
  • Go Where the People Are and Do What the People Do: Experimenting with Situated Engagement
  • How a capital campaign can be the organizing tool to achieve your future vision.  
  • IF/THEN efforts to enhance the representation of women and gender minorities in STEM
  • Imagination in STEM: Research, Practice, and Visions for the Future
  • Investigating Measurement of STEM Engagement and Advocacy in Older Adults
  • Leadership in the science center, garden and office: Empowering BIPOC community and  organizational leaders
  • Leadership Lab:  Road to Recovery Edition
  • Leveraging Artemis and the Return to the Moon to Engage New Learners
  • Leveraging New Research to Build Incredible STEAM Outreach Experiences for Girls and BIPOC Learners
  • Leveraging the Ladder of STEM Engagement to Ownership to Build More Equitable Outcomes
  • Making Matches to Collaborate on Youth Program Alum Long-term Impact Studies
  • Measuring a Sense of Belonging at Museums and Cultural Institutions
  • Measuring Social Impact for Strategic Change
  • Museums and Libraries advancing public health: Communities for Immunity
  • NFTs: Creating, Collecting, and Educating at the Cutting Edge
  • On Board and on Mission: Focus on culture for recruiting and retaining great staff. 
  • Organizational Structures and Processes for Achieving Your Goals
  • Pay, Play, or Get Paid: What Role Should Teens Have in Museums?
  • Planning for Resiliency in the Design of Building Sites and Visitor Experiences
  • Pop-up Exhibits and Alternative Venues: Reaching New Audiences with Temporary Exhibition Spaces
  • Power in the People: Community Engagement Perspectives in a Time of Crisis
  • Productive Tension: Advancing Research that Advances Institutions
  • Project Pragmatists: Navigating the New Normal 
  • Prototyping with Pens, Paper, and Play: An Interactive Session on Testing Early Exhibit Designs 
  • Race and Unity: Let’s Create a Roadmap for Inclusive Programs and Exhibitions
  • Reinforcing the Message: Weaving Climate Stories Throughout Galleries and Exhibits
  • Say yes to the mess: Our DEAI journey reflections and you taking action going forward!
  • A New Infrastructure to Connect Audiences Across Silos of Informal STEM Engagement and Learning
  • Seizing Opportune Moments: Stories from museums taking on big change in a changing world
  • Simple Interactions: The Power of Positive Relational Practices Within Museums
  • STEM Learning in The World of Metaverse
  • STEM Teens: Engaging Teens and Visitors in STEM Learning through Youth Programs
  • STEM Workforce Stories for Adolescents Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (SWS)
  • The Future of Professional Learning: Brainstorming solutions for professional development problems in a post-pandemic world
  • The National STEM Gaming Network: Let’s Talk About Purposeful Gaming
  • Through an Indigenous Lens: Support & Advocacy of Science Centres/Museums through Indigenous Advisory Committees
  • Transforming Hands-on Exhibits to Intelligent Mixed-Reality Experiences to enhance STEM Learning and Engagement
  • Transforming our capacity for inclusive and authentic STEM experiences for Latinx audiences
  • Turning the Page on Storybook STEM: Diversity in Early Childhood Programs
  • Using creative methods to tackle taboo topics in Science Centres
  • What Listening Looks Like 
  • What more can we find? How sustaining inquiry impacts museum teams, audiences, and inclusivity.
  • Whose Impact is it Anyway? Exploring what counts as impact, who decides, and its measurement
  • Why Artists Matter in Science Museums
  • Youth Lead the Way: Museums Learning With and From Youth to Advance Climate Action


  • A systematic review and case study for multidisciplinary projects between the arts and sciences
  • Assessment Interactive Multimedia Exhibition to Learning Food and Drug Safety: A Practical experiment
  • Beyond Museum Walls Prototyping: Strategies for virtual testing of a digital game online
  • Beyond the whiz-bang: Embedding evaluation into science shows 
  • Broadening Participation in ISE: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access in Science Centers
  • Business Development: SaudiFDA establishing Interactive Science Center with Entrepreneurship Center to innovate, develop and implement exhibitions
  • Collaborative Inquiry: Best practices in creating STEM learning partnerships
  • Creating a STEM Program for Teens using Engineering and Technology Artifacts from World War II
  • Developing a Combination of Immersive Technology for Planetarium Content in Informal Learning Context
  • Engaging Visitors with Biology through Biotinkering: Impacts on Learner Engagement, Interests, and Attitudes
  • External Groups and Collaborators for Exhibitions 
  • Floor Facilitators and their role in learning conversations among visitors
  • Green Strategies for Traveling Exhibitions
  • How to Design Successful Hands-on STEAM Activities for At-home Learners
  • Levels of Engagement for Autistic Individuals at Zoos and Aquariums: From Sensory Tolerance to Inclusion 
  • Making Do: Community Makerspace Partnerships to Support STEM Programs
  • Making with a Mission: an Interdepartmental Collaboration between a Museum Box Office and Fab Lab
  • Museum Labs 2.0: Measuring the impact of Public Participation in Scientific Research
  • NASA Resources for You!
  • NASA’s Neurodiversity Network (N3): Co-designing NASA resources with neurodiverse youth in formal and informal spaces
  • Noticing and supporting families’ agency as STEM learners in science center environments
  • Project PLANET: Working Together to Bridge Student Learning Between Formal and Informal Learning Environments
  • Race to Zero: Insights Gains Along the Science Museum of Minnesota’s Path Toward Carbon Neutrality
  • Rebounding through Making and Tinkering: Activities to Support the Emotional Needs of Children
  • Rubrics for Researching Depth of Implementation: Creating Tools Practitioners Can Use for Teen Science Cafes
  • STEP Outside: Engaging students and teachers in outdoor learning
  • Striking a Playful Balance: Understanding how Exhibits can Afford Playful STEM Engagement for Young Learners
  • Telling the Stories of Diverse Local Scientists to a Science Center Audience
  • The impact of informal museum programs on STEM career awareness, interest, and engagement: A meta-synthesis
  • The Perceptions and Practices of Informal Science Educators regarding Culturally Relevant Education in Science Centers
  • To Be Entertained and Informed: The What, How and Why of Science Documentary Viewership
  • Unboxed Challenges: The Educational Version of Sneaking Veggies Into Spaghetti Sauce
  • University partnerships for stability and continuity in times of change
  • Visitor Data in the COVID Era: Looking Back to Move Forward
  • We Bee-long: Making connections in our community 
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